WSJ highlights HBS grads entering politics


Recently, I was honored to find myself mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article on Harvard Business School graduates becoming involved in politics.  And while I firmly believe in the power that a business-mindset can bring to public policy, ironically, attending business school was not originally in my plans.

In college (at BYU), I became very interested in how government can be used as a lever for good and so ended up majoring in both economics and public policy.  After graduation, I was thrilled to get a job at the U.S. Treasury Department working with financial institutions that served underserved geographic areas. It was there that I realized effective public policy work requires skills that business schools teach—finance, marketing, strategy, and basic analytical tools. So, I decided to pursue my MBA. After business school, I applied those skills doing strategy consulting for nonprofit organizations, serving on a nonprofit board, and putting my skills to use for 8 years in Acton’s town government.

I continue to be committed to the idea that government can be a lever for good.  At its best, government uses taxpayers’ money in the most efficient and effective ways possible, cares for the most vulnerable in our society, and empowers the rest of us to be resourceful agents in our own lives.  In my view, this is best done through supporting policies that maximize people’s ability to have the dignity of a satisfying job, give them access to quality education, and enable them to live in communities that are secure and vibrant.

I hope to be able to take this governing philosophy to the Massachusetts State Senate next year!