Strong Communities

The Vision: Four centuries in, we still like our local city and towns.  They are physically close to us.  We can see how government works, we can participate, and we can hold our leaders accountable.  We know strong communities result from fostering togetherness, connections, and neighborliness, while also respecting and preserving our individual freedoms.

The Problem: State laws are encroaching on personal freedoms as well as reducing the ability of local government to serve us and respond to residents’ needs.

  • State taxes steadily rise, meaning more of each household’s income goes to the state than goes to the cities and towns.

  • State laws have superseded local zoning laws, resulting in reduced control over land use.

  • State laws have mandated unfunded but expensive changes in local government, schools, and the economy.

  • State politicians threaten new policies that reduce both our constitutional rights and many freedoms, including self-employment, enjoyment of our property, and choices in medical care.


My Pledge
: As your state senator, I pledge to serve the people of the Middlesex-Worcester district by working with the administration, cities and town officials, all interested legislators, and the voters to reduce and remove the laws that diminish their city and towns’ effectiveness and individual freedoms.  I pledge to:

  • Channel more state financial support to cities and towns.

  • Permit more local control over land use and housing growth.

  • Encourage town agencies to enter into regional partnerships to promote efficiency and save scarce dollars.

  • Permit towns to restrain the sale of controlled substances.

  • Empower—instead of inhibit—law enforcement to protect our communities.

  • Oppose legislative efforts that seek to divide groups by ethnicity or nationality.

  • Encourage and welcome legal immigrants.

  • Preserve each individual’s freedoms as enshrined in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.