State Senate Candidate Speaks Out on Recent Opiate Arrests in Middlesex Worcester District

State Senate candidate Margaret Busse spoke out over the weekend about the recent Joint Task force investigation that resulted in the arrest of 31 suspects charged with a variety of charges regarding the sale of heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine.


"Not two weeks after my opponent authored an amendment to the recently passed Crime Bill, an amendment that would have eliminated from existing law the provisions for mandatory sentencing for sale of Class A  or Class B  to minors or the use of minors to traffic in Classes A and B, local law enforcement completed a series of arrests that involved 31 people. Three of these were charged with selling in a school/park zone," stated Republican State Senate candidate Margaret Busse.


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Of the three arrested on charges associated with the sale of drugs in a school or park zone, two were "subsequent charges" meaning they were not these people's first charges of a similar nature.


"We can't have truly vibrant communities until we successfully tackle the opioid epidemic, and we can’t tackle it by being lenient with the those  who distribute it." continued Busse. "While we still need to focus on identification and treatment of folks with substance abuse issues, we cannot stop being vigilant in the way we deal with the people who are profiting from the misery of addicts, especially those who are minors. I applaud the efforts of law enforcement this week."


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Mrs. Busse's opponent Jamie Eldridge authored and sponsored, with Senator Cynthia Creem, an amendment (Amendment 129) to the recently passed Crime Bill that, had it not been defeated in a voice vote on the floor of the Senate, would have eliminated  from existing law minimum sentences for people convicted of selling Class A (heroin, fentanyl and similar drugs) and Class B (cocaine and similar drugs) to minors, or using minors in the distribution and sale of those drugs.