Sanctuary State Budget Amendment Passes Senate - Does That Represent the District?

After a long debate yesterday, Senate Democrats voted to pass Jamie Eldridge’s “sanctuary state” budget amendment. The legislation is very similar to the Safe Communities Act that he submitted earlier this year, which makes it impossible for local law enforcement to work with federal agencies. The bill did not reach the House floor according to House Speaker DeLeo because “there was no consensus in the body.” The controversial amendment has earned significant push back across the state and it is unlikely that the governor will sign off on it.

Eldridge used a back door method to ram his unpopular bill through the legislative process. Once again he shows that he is more interested in being a leader in the progressive movement than a representative of the Middlesex & Worcester District.

Margaret Busse, Eldridge’s opponent for the State Senate in the Middlesex & Worcester district noted “Jamie Eldridge finds every opportunity to burnish his ultra liberal credentials and rarely considers the interests of the majority of the district. I will be a consensus building legislator making every effort to hear the concerns and attend to the needs of the people I have the privilege to represent.”