Jamie Eldridge's War on Law Enforcement

In votes, senate floor speeches, tweets, and sponsored legislation time and again Jamie Eldridge has shown disdain for the brave men and women that risk their lives daily for our safety.

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Police officers have been under attack recently - since April there have been 4 police shootings in the Commonwealth. The most recent one in Falmouth was not fatal only because Officer Moore was wearing a bulletproof vest. Having necessary equipment is essential for the safety of our law enforcement, but when Jamie Eldridge was given the opportunity he failed to ensure their needs were met. In 2016 he voted against funding a matching federal grant program to purchase bulletproof vests. Margaret Busse commented “Functionally, if Jamie Eldridge had his way on this vote Officer Moore would no longer be with us. This, in combination with his many other instances of anti-police attitudes, show that he is willing to mortgage the lives of our officers for his progressive agenda.”

This is not the only instance of Senator Eldridge ignoring the needs of our law enforcement agencies. Eldridge voted against mandatory minimums for assaulting a police officer. Additionally, his signature sanctuary state legislation would prevent municipal police from entering into 287(g) agreements with Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE), a process that allows ICE to deputize local police as ICE agents. These agreements are important to the safety of our communities as ICE is responsible for finding deadly drugs that enter the country through our ports, highways, and borders. We cannot afford to tie the hands of any law enforcement agency that is taking opioids off our streets.

Mr. Eldridge on the floor of the Senate on July 18 spoke of the importance of de-escalation training for police. While this should be a component of the overall training program, the weight associated with making split second decisions in deadly situations and the media attention attached to it has significantly decreased recruitment for our police departments. Many are willing to risk their safety for their communities, but the intense scrutiny of every decision made in the field has become a stumbling block for qualified applicants.

Margaret Busse, State Senate candidate for Middlesex & Worcester district, said of her opponent’s attitude “In an age of an opioid epidemic and increased violent attacks on the police Jamie Eldridge continually fails to support law enforcement in the Commonwealth. Men and women risk their lives every day to protect residents from the criminal element in our communities. We owe it to them to provide every tool to do their jobs safely and effectively.”