Great Schools

The Vision: Since the founding of Boston Latin School in 1635, sixteen generations of Massachusetts parents have ensured that all children have access to a high-quality education.

Parents want their children to graduate into the adult world with strong academic skills and the ability to think independently. Massachusetts parents insist on high standards, capable teachers, child-centered learning, and parental involvement. Parents actively want our state to lead the nation in educational achievement.

The Problem: In the past few years, student performance has declined while school costs have risen.  The causes seem to be:

  • Formerly high state standards were watered down to accommodate weaker national standards.

  • National standards and overlapping testing regimens pre-empted common-sense parental input and crowded out valuable teaching time.

  • A reluctance to change traditional educational models, limiting our ability to adopt new information about learning styles, developmental stages, and the 21st century economy.

  • State and federal mandates increase local tax burdens, and limit local control over educational priorities.


My Pledge
: As your state senator and the mother of five school-aged children, I pledge to work with parents, local school and community leaders, educational innovators and the voters to:

  • Re-examine current state standards to ensure Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in education.

  • Re-establish more local control and parental guidance of curriculum and oversight of standardized testing.
  • Ensure parental approval for any data collected about their children to protect their privacy during their formative school years.

  • Promote future-ready schools that ensure competence in core academic subjects, while leading in innovation and experimentation with educational models.

  • Expand techniques for customizing instruction to accommodate children’s varied learning styles.

  • Channel sufficient state support to cover the costs of mandated expenses.