Better Jobs

Vision: The innovative citizens of Massachusetts built our nation, from clipper ships and textile mills to software, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.  Our economy is hungry for intelligent, hardworking individuals, so industrious people flock to our state. 

All of us—we’re the best-educated, most innovative work force in the country—want to participate in Massachusetts’s amazing innovation economy, near our homes if possible. 

We also want to keep as much of our paychecks as we can. With bigger paychecks we can pay our bills and support our families.  

The Problem:
Right now workers face contradictory forces:

  • The unemployment rate has dropped to near-historic lows, but:

  • Employers want more skilled and experienced applicants for well-paying jobs, while eager and reliable high school graduates have difficulty finding work.

  • Parents have difficulty finding flexible work that fits their busy schedules.

  • State laws restrict the self-employed from growing their businesses.

  • State development efforts produce job booms and high rises in and near Boston with little benefit for western communities, pushing our daily commutes to brutal lengths.

  • High statutory minimum wages price teens out of the labor market, thus depriving them of valuable work experience.


My pledge
: As your state senator, I pledge to expand job opportunities for all workers:

  • Grow middle class jobs, by eliminating pointless barriers to job growth such as the inventory tax, which drives out manufacturing, shipping, and warehousing jobs to other states.

  • Facilitate the gig economy for those who want to find project work or contract for work online, by updating our state laws. 

  • Allow new jobs to flourish in local communities by reducing the state burdens on small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Promote links between job creators and academic institutions so workers are trained for today’s job market—and tomorrow’s.

  • Enable teens to gain valuable work experience by adopting the federal 90-day teen training wage.

and I pledge to help all workers keep more of their paychecks:

  • Do more with existing tax revenues to ensure that voters get the best value for their hard-earned taxes.

  • Rethink delivery of state services and restructure large benefit pools to reduce upward pressure on state spending.