Baker's Republican Opponent Not Fit to Represent Party

Baker’s Republican Opponent Not Fit to Represent Party

This past Saturday, Massachusetts Republicans gathered in Worcester to nominate candidates to run for office on both the state and federal levels. It was an opportunity to see friends, meet new people, and get energized for the upcoming election season. Charlie Baker’s speech detailing the accomplishments of his administration was particularly rousing. It was encouraging to hear what the administration has achieved in just four years through Governor Baker’s practical methods of finding common ground.

Unfortunately, loud, attention getting extremism often garners more votes than pragmatic solutions, which is how Scott Lively got on the ballot for a Republican primary. While he was not homophobic in his speeches before the assembly on Saturday, his past works have touted thoroughly despicable falsehoods about the gay community, most notably his book The Pink Swastika. Lively does not represent the vast majority of Republicans in Massachusetts and the Busse campaign sincerely urges voters to choose Governor Baker as their nominee in September.

“Divisiveness and hate have no place in our party,” said Margaret Busse, Candidate for State Senate in Middlesex-Worcester district. “The notion that Dr. Lively could so twist the facts of history to blame gays for the holocaust, rather than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, is beyond troubling. Misrepresenting fact for political and ideological purposes is never acceptable and is does not represent conservative ideals.”