Eldridge Budget Amendment is Inconsistent

Jamie Eldridge filed a budget amendment that is a watered-down version of the “sanctuary state legislation” that he proposed earlier this session. That legislation promptly died in committee because it is out of step with the will of the majority of Massachusetts citizens.

In addition, what is remarkable about this amendment is that it is inconsistent with Eldridge’s other legislative priorities. The language preventing state resources going towards creating a registry based on national origin directly contradicts his sponsorship of HB 3361, the bill requiring that only Asian Americans (and not other races or ethnicities) report their specific country of origin to state agencies.

Margaret Busse, candidate for State Senate in the Middlesex and Worcester District, responded “This amendment does not represent the needs of our community. Our citizens want an immigration system that is fair for all, yet protects our national heritage of inclusion. We need to focus on finding solutions to our current immigration challenges that build on common ground amongst all stakeholders instead of promoting this kind of divisive, one-sided legislation.