Margaret is proud to have the support of many community leaders. Here's what they have to say about her:

"I was an Acton Selectman when Margaret was chair of Acton 2020 [Acton Master Planning Committee]. I attended many of the committees meetings and all of their presentations to the selectman and the public. I found Margaret to be smart yet approachable, articulate yet humble, balanced, kind, not happy with the status quo, and wanting to do what is right. 

It seemed that what motivated her was to bring the requested services at costs that were not wasteful – looking for a good value.  She brought the same attributes to the Acton Finance Committee.

She is a natural servant leader, meaning that she lets the will of the constituency drive her decision making rather than her own opinion.  I find that to be lacking in many volunteer and most political positions.

She has more energy than I can understand with all the public and private demands on her time. She has a drive that is not selfish but selfless - a need to help people.

I recently wrote a book on how to identify and hire A-players.  In hindsight, I should have used Margaret as my avatar."

- David Clough, Former Member, Acton Board of Selectmen


"As Chair of the Acton Finance Committee, Margaret worked collaboratively with the Acton Board of Selectmen and the Acton-Boxborough School Committee to ensure the Town’s budget kept taxes as low as possible while still providing excellent municipal and school services.”

Eileen Zhang, Member, Acton Boxborough School Committee


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